What is ALONNGG app?
No contact courier APP to get delivery from your favourite stores to your doorsteps. Stay home and be safe. We will let you know when ALONNGG driver dropped off your shopping at your door.
How ALONNGG dealing with COVID_19?
We do every effort to put safety first. Great thing about ALONNGG we minimize person to person contact. Our drivers will leave your shopping at your front door.
You heard it right! We pick up and deliver your order from any retailer. You are the boss of your shopping and we are here to help you getting your delivery to your doorsteps.
No Contact ALONNGG delivery
Our drivers are simply couriers on your behalf. Simply tell us where to pick up your order and we will do the rest and make sure your shopping arrives safely to you. At last ALONNGG came easy solution to get your favourite delivery conveniently to your door.
How to Place Order with ALONNGG?
Download ALONNGG app through Google Play or Apple App Store. Create your profile and place order instantly. We ask that you only request delivery on ready for pickup orders. Wait for courier to accept your delivery request. Once driver agreed to do your order you can easily track your courier on route through our APP.
How long does it take to get my ALONNGG delivery?
As soon as you place delivery request one of our couriers will quickly accept and be on their way to pick up your order. You can easily track your delivery on route through ALONNGG app.
Can I get in touch with my ALONNGG courier who is doing my delivery?
You can absolutely chat with your driver while your order is on route to you. Keep in mind when requesting your delivery, you will have opportunity to type in any special pick up and drop off instructions for your driver to see. In case you forgot to add something when you placed your order you can easily get in touch with your driver through our app.
Can I cancel my ALONNGG delivery?
Yes you can cancel your order up until courier picked up your order from retailer. Once driver got your shopping you can no longer cancel your delivery. Just wait for your order to arrive to your door.
Our ALONNGG Responsibility to you
Our drivers will efficiently pick up your ready orders and deliver to your doorsteps. We are not responsible for any items which you purchased through the store. We act as your courier only and we will make sure to deliver your order as given to us at the pickup.